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Welcome to GOT SHOWS? An online trading site dedicated to serving up some of the best sought after live shows in circulation today. Feel free to browse through my list's and see if there is anything you need.If for some reason my email link does not work you may need to write it down and do it straight from your own email account.For the first time in over a year we will be updating the site So please bear with us and keep checking back for more shows.

About The Webmaster
Just a quick note about myself. My name is Steve. I am a 28 year old from South Carolina. I have been trading shows for almost 10 years now and will continue as long as there is a lingering lead to follow. I have been listening to music as long as I can remember hearing. But it was the late Jerry Garcia who showed me what real music was all about. From there I began listing to everything from the Dave Matthews Band, Blues Traveler, Ben Harper and more. I hope you can find a show that will inspire you or give you guidance as I have.

Rules Of Trading

Trading is real simple but as with everything there are a few guidelines.
1.Browse My List and see if there is anything that catches your eye.
2.Write down the information about the show you desire. Email the information to me along with a list of what you have available to trade. Unlike most traders not only do I accept shows for trade but I will also trade for music memerobilia (shirts, hat's, stickers, promo items, etc.)
3.I will also do two for one trades. (Dont understand what this is) A two for one trade is as follows. If I have a show you want you send two blank cds for every one cd I record. Example: If a show you want is three discs then you would send me six blanks.
4.I trade only on cd. (No Tape's or Dat's)
5.When you iniciate a trade you are responsible for sending me your items first and as soon as I recieve them I will instantly mail out your show. I have to do this as a precautionary measure for the fact that I have been cheated many times before.
6.Last but not least I DO NOT SELL MY SHOWS. This is illegal and i will take no part in ripping of the artist that I support.

There are a lot of shows on this site so please do not email me with only a date as I am not sure witch band you will be talking about.

For trade set ups or any other wants, needs or questions feel free to email me at the link below.
EMAIL ME at dj4hire69@2die4.com


"Once in a while you

get shown the light,

In the strangest places

if you look at it right"


Jerry Garcia




GOT A QUOTE? EMAIL IT HERE. dj4hire69@2die4.com